I used the Clarify-it tool to create a step-by-step tutorial to show teachers how to add an image search to their class website so that students can use fair use images in their projects and easily include proper attribution.

This instruction was designed for teachers who prefer directing students to a class website with pre-selected tools for students to use as they complete projects in class. Students should begin to understand fair use rules from the time they begin using images and videos.

View the tutorial.

Clarify-it supports the multimedia principle because it is designed to help you select the exact image you would like to highlight and add brief text to make your point. Secondly, it makes it easy to organize the images and text because there is no need to save the images to a folder along the way. They are added directly to a new slide for you. Finally, these built in supports reduce extraneous processing so that the learner can integrate the information along the way and apply it as needed (generative processing).