The definition of educational technology is best understood in context. It can have a very broad meaning or one that is narrowly focused. This infographic attempts to encompass the broad definition of educational technology.

I created this graphic with the art app Paper by Fiftythree. Fortunately, for this assignment, I had played around on the app all of July to get back in touch with my love of art. At first I tried using graphic design apps such as piktochart and venngage but I was unhappy with the free template choices and overall “fill in the blank” process. So, I started to sketch out some options on Paper by Fiftythree and came up with the design above. Besides capturing my definition of educational technology, I think it also reflects my personal style and the way I like to learn- by creating something from the ground up!

My definition ended up coming together like this:

Educational technology encompasses research that informs teaching practices which drive learning. Researchers and teachers in this field promote an ethical code that helps us determine how we create, use, and manage technology products and resources.

As a classroom teacher, my focus on this graphic is primarily on the practices side. However, I highlighted the term ethics because I think the future of educational technology depends upon our adherence to an ethical code of conduct for the sake of respecting individuals, our community, and our world. The foundation of my graphic purposely includes an emphasis on how we create, use, and manage technology products and resources because these elements will continually redefine educational technology.