Our most recent assignment in Edtech 501 was to consider how we might use RSS in our classroom. I had heard of RSS and recognized the RSS icon when I saw it. However, I have never used it myself. It was helpful when I connected it to how it relates to curating information as I do on Flipboard.

As far as RSS use in the classroom, I certainly plan on using it with an app like feedly. Last school year there were enough times when my fourth graders had forgotten to write down or screenshot their internet sources while conducting research. Fourth grade is the first grade level where they get an introduction to citing sources so starting them off right is important. It is also important because, as of now, I have one iPad for every two students so it is even easier to lose track of searches on the internet when there are multiple users researching multiple topics.

It has also been a goal of mine to start students reflecting on their learning using blogger or another kid-friendly blogging site. RSS in the classroom would be particularly useful for easy following and commenting on the blogs.

At the age of nine and ten it is still tricky to find the right term to find your subject matter, at your readability level, on the internet. Teacher directed RSS feeds would help get the students started off on the right track. Then they can begin to find sites that they are interested in and follow. I still think there is value in learning how to negotiate the internet using a search engine but using an app like feedly will simplify the process when time is of the essence.

I will test out my lesson in March of 2016. That is usually about the time when my life becomes all things OREGON TRAIL!

RSS in Education Lesson