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Early 21st Century Teacher Problems

It is so important to remember balance in education. Teachers are expected to be child development experts, counselors, masters of content, cheerleaders, technology specialists, and all with the patience of the Dalai Lama. It can be an overwhelming job.

This assignment helped me appreciate the good work our district is doing while at the same time elevated the level of thought and questioning that’s needed in the name of sound educational technology practices. I think it is important to remember to honor where all of us are on the educational technology learning curve. If the district gets too heavy handed about telling teachers about the pitfalls then it dissuades teachers from wanting to touch it. If the district is too lenient about educational technology ethics, then it will be bombarded with potential lawsuits of well-intended teachers making costly errors in judgment.  It’s important to strike the right balance and I believe, through interviewing a key leader of our math adoption team while doing this assignment, I shared AECT’s code of ethics with one more person. That is worth it!

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